Welcome to Silicon Valley DECA!

Silicon Valley DECA is a district of the mother organization DECA, an international business organization for high school and college students. Silicon Valley DECA’s goal is to provide our members with a pathway to develop essential professional skills, obtain leadership opportunities, and excel in the business world.

Silicon Valley DECA started out ten years ago as a loose union of three schools, Fremont, Harker, and Monta Vista, who wanted to do something innovative. Though originally not recognized at all, Silicon Valley DECA officially became a district in 2012 and now has over 25 chapters in three different counties.

From the very beginning, Silicon Valley DECA has stressed two very important things: Innovation and Competitive Excellence. It is with these two goals that Silicon Valley DECA has become the most competitive district in California and the only district with its own District Action Team.



DECA members that report an A or B average.

Real World Application

DECA members that obtain career experience through employment.


DECA members interested in started their own business.

Further Studies

DECA members planning to further their studies in marketing, finance, hospitality and business management or become entrepreneurs.

A message from our advisor, Carl Schidmt:

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Our Participating Chapters

We have over 25+ schools participating in Silicon Valley DECA.  Many prestigious schools such as Monta Vista or Lynbrook are included in our district.    Read More…